Wednesday, August 20, 2014


In today’s economy, most everyone, is interested in how to rectify their current financial situation and to finally “get ahead “of the financial tug-a-war.  In this issue, we will begin to uncover the many steps of becoming financially free! 

What does financially free mean? It means to not worry and/or be concerned about having enough money for the immediate needs - food, clothing, shelter.  After the immediate needs are met, we then focus on what matters most- having enough money to support our family, health insurance, pay bills, life insurance and of course, retirement. Vacations are an extremely important component, as well as proper investments.

We will discover how finances are affected by our emotions, family values and spiritual back round, in which, have a direct result of our financial making decisions. We will learn about investments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, tangibles (silver and gold), IRA Roth accounts, 401K Solo plans, creating a financial portfolio, Tax strategies and simple methods of cutting corners in your household budget.

Financial Finites will act as an ongoing pool of knowledge to aid in various strategies to gain financial wealth and to uncover our misconceived ideas/thoughts about money. 

You will learn to execute plans of prosperity. By encompassing the knowledge of many financial experts, our hope is to benefit you and your families.  So stay tuned, share with your friends, the steps on becoming financial free!     

Donna J. Dungee, 
CEO and Financial Planner
JDJ Solutions, Inc

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