Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Join Our Family! We are making it easier to support Pet Rescues by
making it easier for customers to find you!

We even made it a non-profit, ensuring that the pets are at the center of everything we do! Help Us, Help You!

Your donations are the foundation for everything we do supporting both the pet rescue payouts and technology upgrades too! In return for your generous donations, here is our gift to you.

Our Advertising is Your Advertising!

Everything we say and do is intended to send more Customers to YOU!

We are putting Your Brand in palm of THEIR hand -You never know when your next customer is driving through!

* Check-In Fur Charity and Membership.  Customers are looking for it and the pet rescues are depending on it too.

 Your donation gives you access and proves you truly support pet rescue!

* Paperless Coupons & Loyalty Programs

Give them a reward for choosing you, along with a reason to keep coming designed specifically or pet businesses, like you!

The Perfect Tax Deduction

Where else can you write off your advertising and support a worthy cause too.

It’s a Pet Tax Shelter. You can’t afford NOT to!

Dave Barragan

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