Wednesday, August 27, 2014


In this issue of Financial Finites, the topic of tangible is of utmost importance.  Tangibles, which are gold, silver, oil and food.  Specifically we will place emphasis on silver and gold.

Rather than save cash, invest in gold and silver.  Cash and/or paper money has no comparison in value.  Paper money is and has always been a promissory note form of payment, which holds very little value.

The only time, when saving cash would be a benefit, is to learn how to be an options trader – in which, we will discuss in future issues.

As far as proper investment ratio’s, tangible yield an overall 25%!

Please find the following breakdown:

Equities                  5%
Real Estate             40%
Precious Metals      25%
Oil                         20%
Cash                      10%

Silver and gold is a simple and worthwhile form of investment. If enough is accumulated, one can go anywhere in the world and purchase property, food, or anything else needed for survival.  No paperwork or qualifications of a loan required.

In the event of a unforeseen emergency, or if you need a loan (usually a 1-2 week process and credit approval), could be the difference of life or death.  

In the upcoming issues of NX for YOU eMagazine, we will discuss further the importance of tangibles, worldwide investments of tangibles, how to get started investing in tangibles and how to keep your investment secure.

Donna J. Dungee
CEO and Financial Planner

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