Thursday, October 9, 2014


Did you know that the joy of finding $100 has been proven to be a lot less than the
pain of losing $50?

It’s a crazy fact but it’s true. 

Think about it. You’ll make more of an effort NOT to lose 50 bucks than you will to
earn $100.

It’s because it feels as if you are losing something that you already own. It’s
yours… and it should stay that way.

The craziest part is that there are a lot more ways to make money than to lose it. 

There are literally millions of ways to earn money… and only a handful of ways to
lose it. 

When it comes to losing money in stocks or in business most of the ways to lose
money are emotional. You become too attached to a business or stock pick and hold
onto while it hemorrhages cash.

However, in the world of your personal finances there are a few things that a lot of
people do to throw cash away every single day. 

This is unnecessary loss. This is money you CAN and should keep.

What am I talking about here? 

I’m talking about interest payments. Every single dollar you spend on interest is
money you’re throwing away. Yes, I realize that there are times you need to borrow
money and it can be worth it. 

But in those moments when you have to pay interest… you need to make sure that you
are paying the least amount of interest possible. 

If you’ve heard my story about buying a new car, you’ll remember that I spent an
extra $6,868 JUST in interest. And that was all because I had a low credit score.

Thankfully I took action into my own hands and took my credit score from a lowly 520
to a stellar 737 once I started working on improving it. Those lessons I learned
while boosting my credit turned into The Credit Solution Program.

The Credit Solution Program has helped thousands of people boost their score by 50,
100, even 150 points more. 

What does that mean? It means that those people will never waste another dime on
unnecessary interest payments. They’ll get all the loans they want. The house they
want. The credit cards with the best rewards. 

The banks now come to them for their business… not the other way around. 

Make sure you don’t waste another penny. Start improving your score today…you won’t
regret it. 

Remember, everyday you delay is another day wasted. 
Mike Roberts   
Credit Coach   
The Credit Solution Program                  

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