Thursday, October 9, 2014


I live to sing. My mother was a Juilliard trained pianist and a
wonderful singer herself. She instilled in me the love of music -
all styles - from Beethoven to Basie as I like to say.
My journey has been unique.

After college I pursued a management career in Fortune 500
company that eventually led to ownership of a successful sales

But music - singing - is in my blood. So, after work, I would
moonlight at local jazz clubs in San Francisco.

It's hard to believe sometimes that I'm about to release my fifth
CD on my own record label, Regina Records.

With such featured artist as Gerald Albright, Rick Braun,
Chris Botti, and Jeff Lorber.

I fell that I have a fine body of music geared for contemporary
jazz lovers with discerning taste.

And so the journey continues!

Victor Fields, Jazz R&B Singer/Songwriter/Radio Personality/Owner of Regina Records

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